Society for Social Innovation & Development Pune,(India)

   सोसायटी फॉर सोशल इनोव्हेशन अँड डेव्हलपमेंट पुणे, (भारत)

Vision,Mission And Objectives


Unleash the power of knowledge & resources that ore inaccessible and create a knowledge lit community of tomorrow.


To Empower Knowledge, Innovation, Skills… in crafting future.


• To give exposure to use of technology and simplified ways of learning and teaching in science, technology, mathematics, computer and English in enhancing teacher and students development.

• To facilitate in organizing training in innovative skill development, knowledge advancement techniques using after-school—programs and help in amplifying minds of rural students to excel in life.

• To provide relevant opportunities of counselling, guidance for personality & leadership development to map career knowingly.

• To create awareness about innovation process to enhance creative thinking and thus inculcate culture of scientific research and tune to develop entrepreneurial ability and employ ability.

Why SSID ?

The quality of education, health, hygiene, employability, self-employment and limited access to advanced knowledge and information technology, lack of counselling & guidance and skill development resources in the rural parts of India are constant concern.

Improving the quality of life is possible only by providing Jeevan Shikshan. Improving academic teaching and learning process supported by skill development actJvitJes, innovative finishing courses and awareness of social and technology innovations are important means to add value towards advancement of knowledge for betterment of life of the rural and deserving population. By making available opportunities of knowledge innovation resources and Information & Communicafion Technology (ICT), it is possible to advance knowledge, enhance potential and amplify minds of students and teachers and people at all level.

SSID : Awakening & Empowering Platform:

India has a young and rapidly growing population—a potential demographic dividend. But Skilling India needs to meet challenges in transformation of Educational system and technology reach in improving the quality of rural lives and bring them in the pathway of the knowledge led privileged community. SSID is a platform for empowering Knowledge, Innovation , skills in crafting future of people at grass root level who need to be socially educated , skilled and re-skilled so that they can rightfully participate in the Skill ecosystem of the nation.SSID is focused towards working in the field of innovative education, skills development, social innovation and development. It is about up-liftment of this section of the society & giving a fair opportunity to those individuals to get an equal status as the socially privileged.

The main purpose of SSID is to promote knowledge driven literacy with innovative supplementary educational and counselling modules for academic enrichment of participants with innovative BOOST ( Best-of-Out-Of-School-Time) learning concepts of after-school-programs. Such innovative programs will enable in accelerating innovation process in enhancing knowledgebase and help to expand the minds of kids, children ,youth, men and women from the marginalized sections of rural society

SSID has a valuable role to play in this process of Social Innovation and development, supporting the scaling up process of rural livelihood. Team SSID is committed for overall sustainable development of all age groups (men & women) in local communities in towns and villages with innovative knowledge sharing initiatives.